The Organizer

The Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology
or CEDFIT is the organizer of the 2017 Transformation Summit. Starting this year, it will independently run the event as CEDFIT has evolved into a multi-sector membered industry association for the IT/BPM industry of Cebu.

CEDFIT was founded in March 2001 during the first Cebu IT Summit. Cebu was then an aspiring IT Hub of the country and realized that there was a huge gap between the talent of our graduates and the industry requirement. CEDFIT was then founded to address the talent gap issue and strengthen Academe-Industry Linkage. It was founded by the 8 big universities of Cebu- USC, UC, USJR, CITU, USPF, SWU, UP, and UV. The few IT/BPM companies such as NEC, Lexmark, and NgKhai Corp. The government agencies, LGU, Aboitiz Group Foundation Inc., and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CEDFIT is the First ICT Council of the Philippines and one of the most successful Academe-Industry-Support Group-Government-NGO collaboration. Because of its success in growing the IT/BPM Industry of Cebu, Comm. Mon Ibrahim of the Commission on ICT(CICT) in 2006 encouraged the other key cities of the Philippines to organize their own ICT Council patterned after the CEDFIT Model.

In 2008, the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines or NICP was founded by then 10 ICT Councils with CEDFIT as one of the founders. Today, CEDFIT has continued to inspire the Philippine countryside with over 65 ICT Councils already in existence. It has set the trend of countryside and more inclusive development by bringing IT/BPM opportunities outside of Metro Manila.

Cebu City has been recognized as the No. 7th Global Outsourcing City in the 2016 Tholons List and has continued to attract big names in the higher value services.